How Lasers Can Help with Your Orthopedic Treatment


For today’s Quick Tip Video, we stopped in to see Dr. Bruce Fishman, MD of BKP Medical and Orthopedic Group in Encino and Lancaster, CA. Dr. Fishman explained to us how lasers can actually help with orthopedic treatments and why he utilizes Weber Laser devices when treating his patients. Watch Dr. Fishman explain this in his Quick Tip Video below or continue reading for more:

Dr. Fishman explained that there are FDA approved lasers, such as the Weber Laser device he uses, that provide both intra-articular and interstitial treatments for patients to aid in their orthopedic recovery. To give a basic idea of how this works, Dr. Fishman explains that a laser is just a very concentrated form of light. Where our regular room lights are very scattered, lasers are extremely focused lights with different wavelengths. In fact, the Weber Laser device has several different lasers on it, each with a different wavelength that can affect different types of tissues.

There are lasers with much longer wavelengths, such as the red and infrared laser lights, that are said to heal muscular tissues, cartilage, and disks. These are used in the orthopedic treatment of injuries.

Other lasers are used to help regenerate tissues in follow up appointments after orthopedic care. Dr. Fishman highly recommends the use of these lasers in combination with his patients’ regular orthopedic care.

So, if you’ve been injured in an accident, be sure to speak with Dr. Fishman or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis to see if laser therapy may be an appropriate element to add into your routine. And remember, it’s important to get medical care quickly after an accident, so be sure to see your doctor who works on a lien basis today if you’ve been recently injured.