Why You Should Never Ignore a Minor Injury


This week, for our Doctors on Liens Quick Tip, we spoke with Dr. Mano Shanaa, MD, our pain management doctor on a lien at the Beverly Hills Institute for Pain Management in Glendale, California. As a pain management doctor, Dr. Shanaa regularly deals with patients experiencing many different types of aches and pains. And, in his expert opinion, he urges you to never ignore any minor injury after a car accident or fall. Why is that?

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Well, according to Dr. Shanaa, if ignored, some minor injuries could lead to chronic pain. Rather than being sorry later, it’s a good idea to be safe and get a medical evaluation after a car accident or a fall just in case so it doesn’t lead to worse issues later down the line.

So, if you happen to be feeling any pain after a car accident or fall, stop into Beverly Hills Institute for Pain Management in Glendale, and Dr. Shanaa and his team can either provide treatment, refer you to the right location and specialist if necessary, such as a chiropractor, a pain center, or a physical therapist, or can send you to the right study for you to get your diagnosis. Regardless, it’s important to get that initial assessment quickly so you can be on your road to recovery.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, according to Dr. Shanaa, the worst thing you can you for yourself is to ignore it all together. Please visit Dr. Mano Shanaa in Glendale or any of our doctors who work on a lien basis for a medical evaluation.