Though Miles Driven Monthly Have Decreased, Injuries Continue to Rise


While we regularly focus on injuries caused by car accidents here at Doctors on Liens, that does not account for all personal injury cases, by any means. We pointed out recently that the Miles Driven Monthly have taken a huge dip recently, revealing that many people are staying off the road. However, injuries are continuing to rise. How is that so? Well, many of these injuries are not caused by cars hitting other cars. In fact, there has been an increase in cyclist injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has reported that thirty percent of cyclist injuries happen when a cyclist is hit by a car. And 75% of bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas versus 25% in rural areas. This makes big cities like Los Angeles a hot spot for bicyclist injuries. And, even more sadly, the number of cyclists injured in accidents with cars is reportedly continuing to grow.

Bicyclists who have received injuries in a car accident should also be able to seek care from an experienced doctor who works on a lien basis. So, if you’ve been injured by a car in a cycling accident (or any type of accident), be sure to visit our list of qualified medical professionals who work on a lien basis and find out how they can provide you relief throughout your hard time.

Work-related injuries are another important topic to discuss at this time. Though new reports show that the usual work-related injuries are decreasing due to many working from home in COVID times, other reports show that the severity of the injuries received in the workplace are increasing. And the number of California compensation claims related to COVID-19 have been skyrocketing, showing the rise of a different type of work-related injury brought on by this pandemic.

However you have been injured in this current time, it’s important to take care of yourself and speak with a doctor who works on a lien basis to see how you can heal. The times are changing, and that means that everything is more confusing. So, it never hurts to speak to a professional to see how they can help you.